The Concept

The approach is to consider the context of the urban blocks of the existing City and recreate this in a new way with a strategy of new civic space, and the creation of a new City Quarter. At the heart of this is the BBC Wales Headquarters building which acts a catalyst to the immediate buildings in the Masterplan.

With frequent users, commuters, local residents, and visitors in mind, we stitch together the urban fabric with streets and open squares. Lively, well connected outdoors spaces in civic squares, residential plazas, parks and recreational facilities encourage a sense of familiarity and help build a strong community.

The key design principles of a successful public place are a space that is people-friendly, easily accessible, flexible and safe.
The result is a new lively public centre for the area’s visitors and city dwellers alike that is inspired by Cardiff’s urban grain and scale.

The Masterplan creates an easy link between the main train station and the city and the stadium based on a coherent and well-connected network of streets and spaces.

It maintains a strong visual connection between the key locations of the city centre and stadium.